POS Activation

«Become the person who would attract the results you seek.»

Jim Cathcart

Sales Force

We offer you a specialized, flexible and customized service, with highly qualified professionals.

The synergies with our own platforms and tools developed in house, such as OnLive, positioning tracking with AI, etc. will make it easier for your company to monitor the actions carried out, in order to implement areas of improvement that will allow us to obtain the most successful results.

Omnichannel Promoters

demodays performed allows us to offer a 360° integrated solution to guarantee the success of your off-line and online campaigns.


TMR Plataforms

The new platform that humanizes online shopping.

You will have a specialized technological platform, customized with the identity of your brand and business. Whether customers access it from the physical store or through an e-commerce website.

AI solution and machine learning.

It is based on image and video processing to automate the traditional point of sale management system.​

By automatizing different functions (detection and counting of your products, your own prices and your competitors’ prices) we improve the productivity of the point of sale manager, acquiring relevant information to make the best decisions.

Coming soon...

Retail Training

Product trainings are a must-have tool to create a positive impact on store salespeople, improve the end-customer experience and increase in-store sales.
Keys to define a successful training plan:

Align training objectives with business goals.

Be creative and innovative in the format

Focus on real and current problems faced by salespeople.

How to handle the biggest objections.

Logistic Management

We know the processes and special cases of the retail sector so we can provide the solution that you need.

Sending material to the POS on time, without delays that may alter the process to ensure the success of your campaign.

Promotional logistics

Our warehouses allow us to store in perfect conditions, handle and ship all the material you need.

Logística Promocional TMR

Furniture and POS installation

Professional installers who assemble and place the furniture, technology, merchandising and POS product setup.